The Bushmaster 2000 (B2K2) is an electro-pneumatic paintball marker produced by Indian Creek Designs (ICD). It was developed by ICD as a competitive response to markers produced by other companies. Prior to the B2K2 ICD had produced quality mechanical markers for the tournament player. However, once the Angel, another high-end electro-pneumatic marker produced by WDP Paintball, hit the scene ICD did not have an answer to this new technology. ICD hit the drawing boards to create a masterpiece that would be capable of competing with the Angel and other high-end markers, such as: the Autococker, Angel, Matrix, and Shocker. ICD's main priority would be maintaining the same rate-of-fire and accuracy of these markers, while maintaining a reasonable price. ICD's answer is the B2K2.

The B2K2 has almost all of the features of an Angel at about half the price. With a stock Angel ranging from nine hundred to one thousand dollars, the B2K2 looks a little better at around six hundred. The highest setting for the rate-of-fire of the B2K2 is 12.9 balls per second (BPS), which is plenty considering that the standard power loader stops feeding balls at around eight to nine BPS. It also has eight firing modes including auto response and fully automatic. These firing modes can be selected by accessing the circuit board underneath the grip. More information on the circuitry is provided under the electronics section.

Instead of using a battery stick like other electro-pneumatics, the B2K2 uses a standard 9-V battery that is easily accessible on the fourth generation models via a battery door on the side. In earlier models accessing the battery required breaking the gun into its two halves. Fortunately, there is no need to take the two halves apart to field strip the marker. To take apart the entire bolt assembly, the link-pin on top of the marker is the only part that needs to be removed.

The B2K2 is also one of the lowest operating pressure markers on the market today. Most markers operate at around three to four hundred pounds per square inch (psi), while the B2K2 operates nominally at two hundred-twenty-five to two hundred-seventy-five psi. Because of the placement of the regulators and how they are designed, the delicate balance of low pressure and high velocity is achieved with little heartache.

As with all ICD products there are no stamped or cast parts used in the making of the B2K2; only computer numerical controlled (CNC) machined parts. Individual parts are heat treated or hard anodized and have plenty of options for after-market customization. There are also options to have the B2K2 splashed with a custom paint scheme, and it comes standard with artistic-designed milling.

This site is designed to give some insight on how the Bushmaster 2000 operates. Use the links at the top left of the site to see how to disassemble the marker or to learn what makes it tick. Please keep in mind that even though the changes between the generations of Bushmasters are not extremely significant, there are slight variations. This site is specifically for the generation four B2K2. However, almost all of the information provided can be used for generation first through fourth.

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