Event: Treasure Island
Date: September 17, 2000
Created and organized by: Brian Snyder

Participant Flyer

Field Fee:

$20 per player
· To be collected by September 6, 2000. Includes all day air, CO2 only

$12 per player
· To be collected by September 6, 2000. If you bring your own C02 or are running Nitrogen - no nitrogen fills are available


Bring your own


* Must have the field fee in my hands by September 6, 2000 if you intend to play
* Check in will begin at 9:45am and play will start at 11:00am
* There will be a one hour break for lunch after the first half of the game (bring your own food)

Game Story:

A short while ago Long John Silver buried his treasure on a hidden island deep in the Pacific Ocean. Word of this traveled fast, soon Blackbeard brought his entire crew to the island to find and dig up Silver's treasure. Silver has also returned with his crew to claim what is rightfully his before Blackbeard can. It is now a race to see who can take the island and end up with Long John Silver's buried treasure.

Significant Rules for the game:

Each crew will have a Captain and a Cabin Boy. The Captain is responsible for his entire crew and organizes them to find and retrieve the treasures and complete objectives. There will be treasure chests buried across the island. Each Captain will be given a map of where the buried treasures are located. Anytime a treasure is found it must be returned to the Captain to open and then placed in the storage hold before points can be awarded and the treasure is safe. All buried treasure chests must be returned to the captain and are to be opened only by the Captain. After the first half of the game each Captain will be given the location of a large stash of treasure that has been buried on the island. That treasure chest will be locked and the crew must find the key to unlock it. There will also be 3 chests placed in the center of the field and those keys will also be found inside the various buried treasures. The 3 chests in the center of the field must not be moved. They have to be opened where they sit on the field and the bag of treasure must be taken back to the captain where he will empty the bag into the storage hold. If a player gets hit after opening one of the locked treasure chests the chest is to remain unlocked and the treasure is left inside for whomever can take it. If a player is shot while returning a treasure back to the Captain the player must put the treasure down where he was hit.

Each crew will be given a flag at the beginning of the game. There will be a mast at the center of the field to raise your crew's flag. Whichever crew's flag is at the top of the mast at the half and at the conclusion of the game will be given bonus points. When the first half of the game is over the crew's flag that is at the top of the mast will be returned to them. No crew can touch the other crew's flag unless it is to take their flag off the mast and replace it with their own. If a crew takes another crew's flag off the mast they must place it on the ground and a ref will return it to that crew's Captain. For a crew to get credit for having the flag on the mast at the half and the end of the game the flag must be all the way at the top of the mast.

The Cabin boy on each team acts as a medic. A white armband in addition to their crew's color will mark Cabin Boys. If you are hit put in your barrel plug and call for a Cabin Boy. When the Cabin Boy tags you then you may resume play. If 30 seconds goes by and there is still no Cabin Boy to help you then you must exit the field and wait until the next reinsertion.

Remember that there are no points for eliminating other players. The only way to win the game is to find the most treasure and complete any extra objectives.

All buried treasure will be no more than 6 inches in the ground. Each crew will be given shovels to dig up the treasure. Each crew will start the game with a bag of gold in their storage hold. The bag of gold is the only thing that can be taken from the other crew's hold if their base is taken. The bags of gold will be returned at the half after points have been awarded. No crew can take another crew's gems once they are in the storage hold. Each player will be given a card for participating in the event.

Rules of the Game:

1. Sign-in and character assignments will start at 9:45 and end at 10:45.
2. If a player is shot out they must exit the field. All players not on the field will be re-inserted every 15 minutes.
3. Boundary lines are marked by rope and are not to be crossed or shot across for any reason. If a player goes past a boundary line then they are to exit the field until the next re-insertion.
4. All guns are to be set at no more than 290fps.
5. Masks must be worn at all times when on the field.
6. If you are hit by a paintball call paintcheck and have the nearest person or referee come to you to see if you are out.
7. If you call "hit", "out", or anything except for paintcheck when you are shot, then whether or not the ball broke, you are out.
8. The final game will end at 5:00pm.

· I NEED REFEREES!!! If you are interested in refereeing the game call soon
· You must have the field fee to me by August 23 to play.

Organizer Notes


1. Armbands - Red and Blue
2. Paintball netting for Captains quarters and storage hold
3. 4 small gardening shovels
4. 2 pirate flags
5. 30 small Tupperware containers
6. 2 medium Tupperware containers
7. 2 large Tupperware containers
8. 1 small swivel pulley
9. 30ft of nylon braided rope
10. 5 small padlocks with different keys for each one
11. 65 gems (5 ruby, 6 Diamond, 8 Emerald, 10 Sapphire, 16 Amethyst, 20 Amber)
12. 2 air horns
13. Stopwatch to countdown every 15 minutes

Points Distribution - 17,500 total possible points

· Bag of gold 1000pts per bag
· Flag run up the mast at the half and end of the game 750pts
· Ruby 400pts
· Diamond 350pts
· Emerald 250pts
· Sapphire 200pts
· Amethyst 150pts
· Amber 100pts

· 12 locations issued in the morning, 18 locations issued in the afternoon
· 1 key to one of the center chests issued in the morning along with one key to large hidden stash.
· Keys to the other two chests will be revealed in the afternoon.

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